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Can you shitty 5sos groupies stop being little bitches? Dude, you chase their car, you steal Ketchup, you try to say you had sex with them WHICH IS FUCKING GROSS YOU LITTLE PERVERTS. It needs to stop. There’s a difference between the fam, which are the people who have the utmost love and respect…


Calum groaned as the bright light peeked in through the curtains of his new hotel room. He was aware of how early it was, 7:45 to be exact. Ashton was already awake, making himself a cup of coffee as Michael and Luke were still asleep in the bed beside them. “Coffee?” Ash asked, holding an…


I don’t think 5 seconds of summer would be good at moshing. Like they would accidentally hit someone and they would apologize so many times and feel so bad and you would tell them its nothing people get hit in mosh pits all the time and they would still feel bad no matter how many times you tell them its fine. 


5sos fandom be like


5sos fandom be like


3/4 of 5sos will never be lost in a crowd because one is a giraffe, the other one has highlighter hair and the third one has a super loud Australian countryman giggle.

The fourth will be found in the police station for public nudity at some point.


im emotionally unstable


im emotionally unstable

  1. Mom: "I give you my blessing to date any member of 5sos and potentially marry them one day."
  2. Me: "shit too late lolz."

Probs The Regular Band Texts

  1. Luke: i lub you
  2. Calum: does anyone have a phone charger?
  3. Luke: calum i lub you
  4. Michael: shut up luke
  5. Ashton: guys come to my room lets make a instagram video
  6. Luke: ok
  7. Michael: luke shut up
  8. Luke: i lub you michael
  9. Ashton: bring some props
  10. Luke: can i bring my boyfriend calum
  11. Ashton: yes
  12. Calum: guys i need a charger i was looking at cute puppies
  13. Michael: luke
  14. Luke: what
  15. Michael: shut up
  16. Luke: well your band sucks
  17. Ashton: *sends selfie*


Out of My Limit - New (left) vs Old (right)

listen with earphones :-)

i don’t own anything - credits to 5 seconds of summer

Anonymous: what happened to all your preferences?

I don’t write preferences ? x